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SPIG Minutes for Friday, May 28th, 2004

9:30-10:40 AM

Attendants: Elizabeth Anne Barron, Deborah Bordelon, Bart Everson, Susan Fredine, David Lanoue, and Todd Stanislav.

The minutes of the 5-21-04 meeting were reviewed, amended, and approved.

Conference Call Review: Todd must send the consultants a list of acronyms, a budget summary, and a hard copy of catalogs (Debbie will send Todd the Graduate School catalog). The group will need to compile materials for the consultants. The consultants need to receive everything at least two weeks before their visit.

Values of the Center: The group began discussing the statement of the Center's values (rather than continuing to work on infrastructure) in accord with the stages of the planning process which were defined earlier.

Todd asked the group to review both the structure and the content of the values statement.

It was agreed that values central to the Center's mission should be listed first; tangential values should be listed last. The attempt will be made to support each value with examples of practices that demonstrate this value.

The statement in the current mission-programs-values document regarding "shared leadership and governance" was reformulated as follows:

The Center values broad-based involvement of Xavier faculty and Center staff in its decision-making process.

Practices which support this value include open staff meetings, the CAT Advisory Group, faculty involvement in drafting grants, and faculty review of proposals.

The statement regarding collaboration was reformulated as follows:

The Center fosters collaboration among Xavier faculty, students, staff and the broader educational community.

Practices which support this value include open workshops and seminars and community-oriented initiatives.

The group debated the meaning of the final bullet point in the draft statement of the Center's values. David ventured that "incentives" might actually mean "initiatives." This statement was reformulated as follows:

The Center promotes and supports institutional initiatives, particularly those that enhance teaching, learning and faculty work.

The group decided that it was not productive to discuss notes from Todd's brainstorming without Todd present (he was called away early by a prior commitment). Therefore the group spent the remainder of our meeting time brainstorming its own list of things which it felt the Center values and which it values in the Center. The following list reflects this brainstorming session and has not been filtered or refined:

  • non-judgmental
  • safe place
  • freedom to experiment
  • try new things
  • support
  • feedback
  • learn about pedagogy
  • freedom to fail
  • facilitates faculty scholarship of teaching for evaluative purposes
  • creativity
  • innovation
  • the whole person
  • holistic approach
  • all aspects of faculty development
  • life-long learning and development
  • effective assessment and its role in the teaching and learning process

— Minutes respectfully submitted by Michelle Falgoust,
Administrative Assistant in the Center for the Advancement of Teaching


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