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SPIG Minutes for Monday, September 20th, 2004

2:30-4 PM

Attendants: Anne Barron, Deborah Bordelon, Bart Everson, Michelle Falgoust, Susan Fredine, David Lanoue, and Todd Stanislav.

The minutes for the 9-13-04 meeting were reviewed, amended, and approved.

Prior to Anne's arrival, the members agreed that they would like further information from Anne about what, if any role, she sees the Center playing in implementing the VPAA's Planning Document.

Upon Anne's arrival the question was posed to her. Anne noted that the original mission and goals of the Center followed very closely those outlined in the VPAA's Planning Document at that time. Discussion followed that centered on what role the Center may have now. Anne noted that she does not have much specific knowledge of the Center's programs. She indicated that when she was director, in her meetings with Dr. Garibaldi she routinely shared with him what the Center was doing. Anne indicated that a similar exchange of information does not routinely occur between her and Todd. Susan suggested that a mechanism be established to enable such an exchange of information. Anne said that she would welcome that, as long as it didn't require that she devote a great deal of time to reading about the Center's work.

The group turned its attention to Janet Gillespie's response to the questions about the maximum number of people for the SWOT analysis, and the place and timing of the Misson-Program-Values (MPV) document in SWOT analysis. The group agreed that it would limit the number of people to 12. Susan and Lanny will meet to discuss who else may be invited to the SWOT analysis. Discussion then turned to a consideration of when the MPV document will be referenced in the SWOT analysis. Ultimately, the group agreed not to have it in front of everyone in the early stages of the analysis, so that it will not impose limits on brainstorming and creative thinking about the work of the Center. At some point later in the analysis, the group believes it will be natural to turn to the document.

Susan distributed the August 2003 Long-Range Planning Document for Xavier University. She noted that she was responsible for preparing it, and that she drew the content from other planning documents and conversations with people; Dr. Francis read and edited the document. Susan then briefly mentioned some of the goals found in the document. The group determined, given the date of the document, that although it is important to be familiar with the content of the document, the document will not have a significant influence on the work of this committee.

Todd mentioned that he was familiar with a "vision" document that Dr. Gene D'Amour either authored himself or at least was very involved in writing. Anne mentioned that Gene did in fact write it and, although he met with many people, herself included, to determine what people believed were needed or important to the University, the document largely reflects Gene's vision. Anne further noted that the document had not been widely read, either by the University community or the Xavier Board of Trustees. Despite this, the group agreed that it would be worthwhile for it to read the document. Todd indicated that he will contact Gene regarding this.

Finally, Todd invited feedback from the members for ways to make the meetings more productive. David mentioned that it was good to be meeting for 90 minutes, given the nature of our discussions, but that he did want us to continue to end on time. No other suggestions or comments were made.

— Minutes respectfully submitted by Michelle Falgoust,
Administrative Assistant in the Center for the Advancement of Teaching


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