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SPIG Minutes for Monday, December 13th, 2004

11 AM-12:45 PM

Attendants: Debbie Bordelon, Bart Everson, Lanny Foss, Susan Fredine, David Lanoue, and Todd Stanislav.

The minutes of the 12-6-04 meeting were amended and approved.

David Lanoue suggested that the committee invite Dr. Marguerite Giguette to participate in SPIG meetings, now that she will serve in Anne Barron's position during Anne's sabbatical. Everyone agreed with this suggestion. Todd will contact Marguerite.

Based on the prioritized list of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, the members identified the following goals:

Program goals

  1. Develop a program of walk-in services for faculty seeking to improve teaching, learning, and assessment
  2. Communicate and encourage practical application of research and new knowledge in teaching and learning from diverse discipline
  3. Support faculty in the use of technology through a focus on best practices and emerging trends
  4. Continue to support, review, assess, and improve existing programs and initiatives that build community, promote collegiality, enhance teaching and learning, and encourage innovation
  5. Assist faculty in documenting and describing the value of their work, including participation in CAT activities, for purposes of evaluation
  6. Systematically examine the link between CAT activities and student learning, and integrate what is learned from this examination into improving the work of CAT

Funding goals

  1. Provide substantially more release time for faculty
  2. Seek funding for current and anticipated Center personnel
  3. Seek funding for current and future programs and initiatives

The members agreed that developing an implementation and assessment plan for each goal would be done by 2- or 3-person subcommittees made up of SPIG and CAT staff members. Each subcommittee will submit its draft plan to SPIG for review. The members further agreed to divide the number of goals equally among the subcommittees. Todd will compile the complete list of goals and send this to everyone as soon as possible. Each SPIG member will be asked to indicate to Todd which, if any, of the goals he or she is particularly interested in working on.

— Minutes respectfully submitted by Todd Stanislav


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