Janice Florent, Technology Coordinator

Janice Florent Email: jflorent@xula.edu
Phone: 504.520.7418
Fax: 504.520.7903
Twitter: @jmflorent

The Technology Coordinator is responsible for the operation of the multimedia classrooms and computer lab located in the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Faculty Development. Ms. Florent works with ITC staff to coordinate services provided by the local area network and the campus networks. She troubleshoots hardware, software, and network problems, arranges repairs, and arranges delivery of audiovisual (AV) and computing services to the multimedia classrooms. She participates in the development of specifications for CAT+ related computer and AV equipment. She provides procurement support for CAT+ hardware/software and AV related requisitions and bids. Ms. Florent provides Brightspace training to faculty. Last, Ms. Florent assists in planning and facilitating Center activities, including workshops, seminars, and grants.

Ms. Florent is a member of the POD Network, Teaching, Learning and Technology (TLT) Group, Online Learning Consortium, Flipped Learning Global Initiative Community, and Educause.

You can find her on Twitter @jmflorent and on Linkedin.

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