Mr. Jeremy Tuman, Faculty-in-Residence for Part-Time Faculty Support

Jeremy Tuman Email:
Fax: 504.520.7903

The Faculty-in-Residence for Part-Time Instructor Support works collaboratively with CAT+FD staff members to best support our part-time instructors. The Faculty-in-Residence for Part-Time Instructor Support has primary responsibility for planning, promoting, and leading programming for part-time instructors, including planning and implementation of part-time instructor orientation at the beginning of each semester; planning and implementation of a monthly part-time instructor brown bag series (informal training sessions); providing consultation and mentoring for part-time instructors; assisting in the assessment of programming related to part-time instructors; attending appropriate conferences and/or webinars to stay up-to-date on emerging trends in part-time instruction; attending and reporting at CAT+FD staff meetings.