Rooms 501 & 502 (Active Learning Classrooms)

Active Learning
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CAT+FD maintains two fully electronic, active learning classrooms (Library 501 & 502) with mixed-mode capability. Use of the classrooms must be arranged in advance.

The classrooms are equipped with a dedicated Mac and Windows PC. The computers are networked to the campus-wide network and are loaded with Microsoft Office productivity software, as well as Chrome and Firefox web browsers. The lecture console of each classroom also includes an integrated DVD player and tabletop document camera. Other audio, video, notebook, and computer devices may be connected to the projection systems in the classrooms. Both classrooms utilize large screen projection systems. Both classrooms have the ability to display images from two different sources (i.e. computer, document camera, and DVD player). Room 501 is equipped with a ViewSonic interactive display. Room 502 is equipped with a Smart Sympodium (interactive display).

Both classrooms are designed to support active learning. The furniture allows students to easily shift from independent work to group work to class discussions and back again — without wasting valuable class time. Both classrooms have whiteboards designed for collaborative work with easels and wall tracks for ease of whiteboard display and presentation. Room 501 can accommodate a class-sized audience of 36. Room 502 can accommodate a class-sized audience of 28.

Policies and Procedures

The Electronic Active Learning Classrooms and Teaching Lab are primarily used by faculty teaching regularly-scheduled university courses which make extensive regular use of multimedia materials, network communications, and/or active learning. Faculty members who wish to teach a course in a CAT+FD classroom must complete the Classroom Request Form which includes a course syllabus and a description of the specific technology and/or active learning plans for the course. For detailed explanation of the approval process refer to our procedure for approval and assignment of Electronic Active Learning Classrooms and Teaching Lab.

There are limited times that the CAT+FD Classrooms and Teaching Lab are available for ad hoc usage. Faculty who are interested in reserving the Electronic Classrooms and Teaching Lab on an ad hoc basis should complete the Classroom Request Form. Only faculty who have been trained to use the equipment can reserve the CAT+FD Classrooms and Teaching Lab. Periodic training sessions are scheduled. Call CAT+FD to sign up.

Usage of facilities by external groups may be scheduled at the discretion of CAT+FD management and requires the sponsoring organization’s support of CAT+FD activities.

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