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Another Teaching Community Project

An Interdisciplinary Focus on the Human Genome Project

Dr. Marion Carroll

by Dr. Jay Ciaffa
Dr. Marion Carroll
Shameka Darisaw

An interdisciplinary teaching community comprised of two faculty members and one student will study the Human Genome Project.

We believe that the Human Genome Project is an area where interdisciplinary study can be mutually beneficial and informative. When scientists become aware of the ethical and social implications of their work, they can influence the development of future research and the application of existing information in an informed and responsible manner. When scholars in the humanities gain a basic understanding of the development and direction of genetic science, they can more accurately identify and address the myriad of ethical and social issues that are emerging in the wake of the Human Genome Project.


Start date: Monday, January 6, 2003
Finish date: Friday, August 15, 2003