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Another Teaching Community Project

Integrating Courses in Business Education

Dr. Anil Kukreja

by Ms. Elizabeth Brossett
Mr. Brian D. Jones
Dr. Anil Kukreja

The purpose of the project is to integrate three courses- Statistics (I & II), Production/Operation Management and Quantitative Methods- by means of a 'case' analysis method where learning is student centered and 'active'. Cases will be written in a way hat they show the interconnected nature of business. There are opportunities to write an integrated set of cases to let one reinforce the other and to enable students to get the 'big picture'. We characterize our approach toward integration as a 'three dimensional' approach not only using cases across multiple courses during a semester, but also using them across time (i.e. the immediate course experience). An important aspect of the integration project will be the use of Web Board and other Internet resources, both as a means of communication and a tool for promoting problem-based learning.

Start date: Saturday, June 1, 2002
Finish date: Tuesday, December 31, 2002