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Another Technology Enhanced Curriculum Project

Enhancing UNIV 1010 and 1020: A Technology-Enhanced Curriculum Project

Mrs. Eloise Dixon
Mrs. Shirley Labbe
Dr. Elizabeth Rhodes

by Mrs. Eloise Dixon
Mrs. Gennice King
Mrs. Shirley Labbe
Dr. Elizabeth Rhodes

The goal of this project is to bring together all persons involved in these courses to enrich the delivery of the content through technological and computer-mediated tools.

UPDATE: Thursday, June 24,2004
Although "Summer Institute" for the team ended successfully June 11th, additional workshop and production room activities were held Monday and Tuedsay (June 14th & 15th) for faculty to sharpen video editing skills and uploading files into the Blackboard system. The team is currently planning additional workshops for new University 1010 faculty this summer.

UPDATE: Wednesday, June 2, 2004
Summer Institute begins Monday, June 7th-11,2004. The schedule includes a workshop on digital video and digital cameras on Tuesday and Blackboard training on Thursday.

UPDATE: Thursday, May 20, 2004
The team is currently making plans for a 'Summer institute' to be held June 7th-11th. Activities are scheduled to include Blackboard training and instruction on the use of ditigal video and camera equipment. Fifteen instructors for the University 1010 course are expected to participate.

UPDATE: Thursday, November 4, 2004
All instructors for the University 1010 course sections are currently using Blackboard for course announcements, distributon of PowerPoint presentations, assignments and discussion boards. Other features in use by a few faculty include grade book, digital dropbox and assessment tools. Assessment plans include comparisons of course evaluations with prior year evaluations and a survey of instructors on technology use.

UPDATE: Friday, March 18, 2005
This is the second semester for course instructors to utilize the Blackboard master course site. The site allows all course instructors to use (copy to section course site) the same PowerPoint presentations, quiz sets and announcements. Although assessment data is currently being analyzed, faculty expressed satisfaction with the course changes.

Start date: Tuesday, January 6, 2004
Finish date: Sunday, May 15, 2005