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Another Teaching Community Project

Community Collaborations through Arts- and Research-based Learning

Dr. Ross M. Louis

by Mr. Deahn Dennis
Ms. Dominique Green
Ms. Jai Hayes
Dr. Ross M. Louis
Ms. Patricia Sills
Ms. Leslie Spillman

Faculty from the Art and Communications departments, as well as students with interests in photography, performance, and creative writing will collaborate to study community-based topics within the Gert Town neighborhood.

This project was extended because of circumstances surrounding Hurricane Katrina and ultimately completed through two performances:

Louis, Ross, Patricia Sills, Deahn Dennis, Jai Hayes, and Leslie Spillman. “Witnessing Gert Town: Community-based Performance in Post-Katrina New Orleans.” Research-based performance scripted and performed at the 6th International Conference on Diversity in Organisations, Communities, and Nations. June 13, 2006. New Orleans, LA.

Dennis, Deahn, Jai Hayes, and Leslie Spillman. “Witnessing Gert Town.” Performance presented at the Xavier University Festival of Scholars. New Orleans, LA. July 2006.

Start date: Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Finish date: Thursday, August 31, 2006