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Another FaCTS Mellon Project

SPCM1011H Fundamentals of Public Speaking (Honors) Course Revision Project

by Dr. Kimberly Chandler

The proposed project will restructure an existing course, SPCM 1011 Fundamentals of
Public Speaking (Honors), with the objective of infusing issues related to global
citizenship and awareness within the context of women's lives as we seek to make Xavier
a Site of Global Citizenship. Students will engage in the study of oral communication by
creating speeches from the theme "Speaking about Women around the World." Students
will also engage in an oral history service-learning project in order to juxtapose the
course theme with domestic women's issues within New Orleans. Students will engage
in special, technology-enhanced class sessions that feature lectures/Q&A session with
women from various countries through the use of SkypeTM technology. Ultimately,
students will produce a public symposium entitled "The United Nations of Women: A
Symposium on Women Around the World" based on their semester-long experience in
understanding diverse women's lives. Connecting to the Xavier mission of "promoting a
more just and humane society," this semester long experience will allow students to gain
an understanding about (and appreciation for) the unique experiences of women with
respect to the intersections of nationality, gender, race and ethnicity as well as how these
social locations shape women's lives around the world.

URL: /initiatives/facts/2009/Chandler.pdf

Start date: Monday, May 11, 2009
Finish date: Tuesday, May 11, 2010