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Another FaCTS Mellon Project

Embracing Social Responsibility in Business Education

by Dr. Richard Peters

The project focuses on the restructuring of courses in the Division of Business to infuse greater and richer levels of social responsibility and business ethics with respect to content and delivery. Courses will be redesigned to (1) identify and promote goals and learning outcomes specific to social responsibility/business ethics education, (2) select relevant reading content that emphasizes either social responsibility as a facet of the discipline and/or the integration of social responsibility with traditional concepts within the discipline, (3) allocate appropriate teaching and learning resources (hours, lectures, discussion, service learning and other projects) to social responsibility topics and content, and (4) devise and administer instruments (assignments, surveys, quizzes, essay papers) to evaluate both proficiency in social responsibility education as well as changes in attitude related to personal and corporate social responsibility.

Initially two courses (1 upper, 1 lower level in separate business disciplines) will be chosen for restructuring and implementation in Fall 2012. Results of this pilot (process and outcome) will be used to educate and improve subsequent implementation in Spring 2013.

Start date: Monday, May 14, 2012
Finish date: Wednesday, May 8, 2013