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Another FaCTS Mellon Project


Dr. Lisa J. Schulte

by Dr. Lisa J. Schulte

This project views students as a sustainable resource that contributes to the success of Xavier University and the community at large. The focus will be on the enhancement of student well-being via engagement in service learning. Students who experience enhanced well-being are more resilient (i.e., sustained when faced with challenges). The project will incorporate service learning into the spring 2016 Positive Psychology course. As part of course requirements students will engage in self-evaluation and focus on area that they desire to change. Students will develop and engage in an "action plan," which incorporate service learning, to promote said change. The "action plan" will focus on enhancing student well-being. Students will report their experiences via journaling and a formal paper. Objectives: 1) Obtain information/learn about the practice of service learning (Dr. Schulte); 2) Obtain information/learn about the outcomes of service learning (Dr. Schulte - via attending a service learning research conference); 3) Integrate service learning into Positive Psychology as a means of enhancing student well being; 4) Assess the effects of this integration on student well-being.

Start date: Monday, March 30, 2015
Finish date: Sunday, May 1, 2016