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Another Teaching Community Project

Creative Writing Teaching and Learning Community

by Dr. Randolph Bates
Toi Derricotte
Dr. Patrice Melnick
Charles Richard
Mark Whitaker

This community of five faculty members from the English Department (Randolph Bates, Patrice Melnick, Charles Richard, Mark Whitaker and Toi Derricotte, visiting distinguished creative writing professor), and two students engaged in a project during the 1998-99 academic year with the following goals:

1. strengthen teaching and student learning in the newly established creative writing minor;
2. refine and develop the curriculum and teaching standards of the creative writing minor; and
3. develop a course portfolio for Introduction to Creative Writing.

Three members of this community, including one faculty member and two students, gave presentations at the Annual Conference of the Associated Writing Programs held in Albany, New York in April 1999. A proposal submitted by this community to continue its work for a second year was recently approved for funding by the Steering Committee.

Start date: Tuesday, September 1, 1998
Finish date: Saturday, May 1, 1999