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Another Teaching Community Project

World Literature and World History Teaching and Learning Community

Dr. David G. Lanoue

by Mark Whitaker
Peter Szok
Dr. Jonathan Rotondo-McCord
Charles Richard
Dr. Scott Reese
Dr. Michele Levy
Dr. David G. Lanoue
Sr. Barbara Hughes, C.S.J.
Dr. Shamsul Huda
Dr. Richard Collins

Seven English Department faculty members (Violet Bryan, Mark Whitaker, Michele Levy, David Lanoue, Richard Collins and Charles Richard), five History Department faculty members (Scott Reese, Peter Szok, Sr. Barbara Hughes, Shamsul Huda, and Jonathan Rotondo-McCord), and two students (one from each department) established a community of learners focused on:
1. learning in the disciplines;
2. contextualizing literature with history; and
3. assessing learning in the World Literature and World History courses.

Start date: Tuesday, September 1, 1998
Finish date: Saturday, May 1, 1999