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Stipends for the 1999-2000 academic year are available to faculty through the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and a grant from the Bush and Hewlett foundations. Stipend amounts are $1,000 for faculty and $300 for students. Proposals are invited from faculty members who participated in the workshop Using Case Studies to Promote Meaningful Discussions and Active Learning in the Classroom. Successfully funded projects will involve developing and implementing one or more case studies, and assessing their effect on student learning. Travel support to attend the conference Using Cases Effectively to Improve Learning and Teaching held July 31-August 5, 1999 in Vancouver, British Columbia is also available to at least two faculty members whose proposals are successfully funded. Funding is not contingent upon attending the conference.

The Bush-Hewlett grant supports projects by communities of at least two faculty and two students. At least one faculty member of the community must have attended the Centers case studies workshop.

Please submit seven copies of the project proposal to the Bush Steering Committee in care of CAT (P.O. Box 73A) by Monday, 22 March 1999. Applications must include a written statement of support from your departmental chairperson. The proposals should include a thorough description of the project, its goals, implementation timeline, evaluation and assessment plan, and roles of the student and faculty participants.

The Center faculty and staff are happy to assist you in any aspect of the implementation of your project. Feel free to indicate in your proposal ways in which you would benefit from assistance (e.g., writing case studies, assessment).

The Bush-Hewlett grant is administered jointly by Xaviers Faculty Development Committee (Michelle Boissiere, Rosalind Hale, Patricia Jacob, Anil Kukreja, Beverly Mason, Janel Nelson-Marsalis, Raquel Mesa, Joseph Olubadewo, Jonathan Rotondo-McCord, and Daniel Sarpong) and the Center for the Advancement of Teaching. Proposals will be reviewed on a competitive basis.