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Developing Teaching and Technology at Xavier

Are you interested in using e-mail in your courses? Putting your course syllabus or class assignments on-line? Developing electronic presentations for classroom use? Producing an interactive Web site for a course? Authoring a CD-ROM or multimedia project in your discipline? Mellon grant funds for these and other faculty technology projects are available for summer 1999 and for the 1999-2000 academic year. The new Mellon grant is administered jointly by the Xavier University Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtable (TLTR) and CAT.

Funded summer projects will be awarded a $2500 stipend upon project completion, while 1999-2000 projects will be supported either by 1/4 release time for one or two semesters or a $1000 stipend, depending upon project complexity.

Examples of projects appropriate for summer stipend or 1999-2000 (academic year) release-time support include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Development of a comprehensive course Web site, consisting of items such as a course home page, course syllabus, updated weekly assignments, annotated links for student use, interactive pages (e.g., on-line drills and self-quizzes), and electronic bulletin board (summer or fall-spring).
  • Incorporation of extensive e-mail discussion in existing courses (e.g., weekly student e-mails with instructor responses) (summer or fall-spring).
  • Course requirement of student-authored Web site projects (instructor must advise, train, and support students in project production) (fall-spring).
  • Production of a multimedia project for Web or CD-ROM delivery (summer or fall-spring).
  • Sustained, in-depth classroom research project focusing on the effectiveness of technology in teaching and learning (fall-spring).

Examples of projects appropriate for $1000 stipends (1999-2000) include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Incorporation of limited e-mail discussion (e.g., student e-mail assignments twice a month) into an existing course.
  • Development and use of a basic course Web site consisting of the course syllabus and a regularly updated assignments page.
  • Use of an electronic bulletin board for regular student discussion.
  • One or two virtual office hours weekly via bulletin board chat.
  • Development of instructional courseware for use in and out of class.
  • Regular use of commercially available CD-ROMs for instructional purposes.
  • Adoption of spreadsheet or gradebook programs for keeping class records (assuming you have not used these before).

Please call ext. 7512, e-mail the Center (, or drop by if you would like an application form (can also be downloaded as a plain text). Applications must be submitted by Thursday, 18 February 1999, and should be accompanied by a written statement of support from your departmental chair. Applications will be reviewed on a competitive basis by faculty members of the TLTR (Robert Berman, Arnold Crump, John Fulwiler, Marguerite Giguette, Rosalind Hale, Ray Lang, Jonathan Rotondo-McCord, Daniel Sarpong, John Sevenair, and Todd Stanislav). The Center will help provide the training you need to complete your project.

Contact CAT Faculty-in-Residence, Jonathan Rotondo-McCord, if you have questions about the application process.

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