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Faculty Workshops

Request for Proposals

Issued November 15, 2001

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching invites proposals from faculty to lead workshops and brown bag discussions for all Xavier faculty members during the spring or fall 2002 semester. The Center will provide logistical support (e.g., create and distribute flyers, reserve rooms, photocopy materials) and award a modest honorarium.

We invite proposals on a broad range of topics, such as research, service, collegiality and, especially, teaching and learning.

We are especially interested in receiving proposals on the following topics or themes:

  • Collegiality
  • Faculty mentoring
  • Pedagogical considerations of teaching with technology
  • Writing and grading essay questions
  • Bloom's taxonomy and its relevance to teaching
  • Learning theory and its relevance to teaching

We welcome proposals that address topics or themes other than the ones listed above. We also welcome proposals from groups of faculty.


Format Examples Options
(day of the week; workshop length)
General structure
Workshop Problem-Based Learning

Tools and Techniques for Improving Student Writing
Saturday: half-day (9-noon)
Saturday: full-day (9-3)
Weekday:  one day, 1-3 hours 
Weekday:  multi-day, 2-6 hours 
More formal than a brown bag discussion. Typically includes time devoted to specific and different topics or tasks; interactive; may involve small group work
Brown bag
What Time Is It? Biological and Tenure Clocks

The Day After Exam I
Weekday: 50-75 minutes
More informal than a workshop; conversational

Proposal Guidelines

A simple one-page letter of interest is all you need to submit. Be sure to indicate:

  • Is this a workshop or brown bag discussion?
  • Title and length of time
  • The goal(s) of the workshop or brown bag discussion
  • Why do you think this topic may be of interest to Xavier faculty members?

Send your proposal to the Center for the Advancement of Teaching, P.O. Box 73A or

Deadline: December 20, 2001

Members of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and University Faculty Development Committee will review proposals on a competitive basis. The review is not a blind review. Applicants will receive notification of the results by January 11, 2002.

Contact Dr. Todd Stanislav if you have questions (ext. 7692 or send an e-mail).