Presentation Skills
How to Communicate More Effectively with Your Students

Teaching is a challenge that we all realize requires long hours of preparation. It also requires a skillful person who can impart his or her knowledge to a diverse group of students with different learning styles, a variety of professional and personal concerns, and differing abilities to comprehend simple to complex ideas. The method by which information is presented to the student can impact his or her comprehension and performance in a particular class.

This workshop will introduce professors to developing quality presentation skills. At its end, participants should be able to...

  • understand the importance of good communication skills in presenting a lecture;
  • identify important points of a presentation and how to add emphasis;
  • incorporate PowerPoint slides in a lecture effectively;
  • design a lecture or presentation that encourages and motivates students;
  • understand the appropriate uses of the lecture, handout, and PowerPoint slide presentation.

To accomplish this, participants will not only consider theory but also receive "hands-on" experience in the electronic classroom. Participants are encouraged to bring materials for a classroom presentation that they would like to develop or improve.

  • Led by: Dr. Patricia Lieveld (Pharmacy)
  • Date: Saturday, October 16, 2004
  • Time: 9:00 AM - noon
  • Location: Library 501 and Library 532A
  • Sponsor: CAT

Note: Coffee and continental breakfast provided, 8:30-9:00. This workshop is open to all, with a special invitation to first-time faculty within their first two years of teaching.

To register: The official registration deadline was set at Sept. 8th; this enabled us to see if there was enough interest for this workshop to "make." It has. All are welcome to attend.

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Format: hands-on
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