Pausing at Midterm
What's Going On in Our Classrooms?

How are your students doing in this post-Katrina semester? What are you doing (or not doing) that might have an impact on their successful learning?

This workshop offers ways to gauge student learning at mid-semester. Strategies to be discussed will include midterm evaluations and small group instructional diagnosis. The latter involves a staff member from CAT visiting your class, conducting a brief survey that addresses your most pressing questions, and leading small group discussions to explore student concerns.

  • Led by: Dr. Todd Stanislav, Biology Dept. and CAT Director
  • Date: Friday, March 17, 2006
  • Time: Noon - 12:50 PM
  • Location: Library 501
  • Sponsor: CAT

Note: Participants are welcome to bring their brown-bag lunches to this workshop.

Tags: mid-course evaluations, assessment
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