Your Hurricane Plan and Blackboard
Strategies for Continuing Teaching During a Prolonged Evacuation

When the next storm with a name comes barreling into the Gulf on a trajectory that causes authorities to close the university, everyone's first priority will be (and should be) to get themselves and their loved ones to safety. A second priority might be to follow one's departmental disaster plan, securing equipment and battening down the hatches.

This workshop is dedicated to a third, but also important priority: ensuring that you have a plan to continue teaching your students in the event of a prolonged evacuation.

Dr. Elizabeth Rhodes will demonstrate ways to keep in touch with students and continue teaching them via Blackboard.

Topics to be covered include:

*Planning ahead: writing your emergency plan into your syllabus.

*Getting your class registered on Blackboard--ITC's role.

*How to contact your students via the mailing feature.

*Managing electronically submitted student assignments.

*How to give lectures, lead discussions, post announcements, and test students with timed quizzes and exams.

*How to conduct live class meetings and virtual office hours.

Are you ready for the next Big One? Will you be able to keep teaching and learning happening, storm or no storm? Come to this workshop and get prepared!

Note: This workshop will be repeated on Thursday, July 20, 3:00-3:50 p.m., same location.

To register: Registration is recommended, not required, by following the "more information" link, above.

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