Active Learning
Enhancing Student Engagment

Two Xavier faculty members will share what they learned at a faculty development conference sponsored by the Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching and Learning, (an organization of which Xavier is a charter member!). The conference theme was ''Motivating Students for Better Retention, Learning, and Achievement.'' Cori Brock and Leslie Richardson will discuss their reactions to the conference, and invite additional suggestions from Xavier faculty. The workshop will address the value of placing the classroom's focus on learning rather than teaching.

  • Led by: Cori Brock and Leslie Richardson
  • Date: Tuesday, April 3, 2007
  • Time: 12:15 PM - 01:05 AM
  • Location: 501 Library
  • Sponsor: CAT

Tags: pedagogy, active learning
Format: presentation
Event ID: 00888

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