Reading Across the Curriculum
A Discussion

One of the most exciting and challenging components of Read Today, Lead Tomorrow is our attempt to ensure that every student receives discipline-specific active reading instruction. Beginning in Fall 2011, students will receive this instruction in the entry-level course for their major; beginning in Fall 2012, they will also receive it in the upper-level course for the major. Within each department, faculty are already working on identifying what skills need to be taught, how they might be taught, and how they will be assessed.

On February 23, Dr. Alice Horning will give a special presentation to the faculty about the importance of discipline-specific reading instruction. In advance of that, this session will provide interested or involved faculty with a better understanding of the intentions and goals of this implementation. This will be an informal discussion in which Dr. Todd and others will discuss what we mean by "discipline-specific reading instruction," why Read Today, Lead Tomorrow places so much importance on it, and ways with which faculty can help their students become better readers.

  • Led by: Dr. Jason Todd (QEP Director)
  • Date: Thursday, January 27, 2011
  • Time: 12:15 - 1:05 PM
  • Location: Xavier South Room 224 (Mobile CAT)
  • Sponsor: QEP Office, CAT

Note: Lunch will be provided.

To register: Please RSVP to Ms. Olivia Crum at

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Format: discussion
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