A Moment of Silence
Invitation and Dialog

Let's mark the beginning of another school year with a moment of quiet reflection and dialog. We'll come together to talk about our personal and professional goals for the year ahead. We'll also discuss the possibilities for infusing a spirit of contemplation into our courses.

This session is intended as an interactive discussion rather than a formal presentation. No preparation is needed, but if you have a few minutes you may wish to listen to our interview with Arthur Zajonc for some background information.

This session follows up on last year's "Moment of Silence" but all are welcome. It is hoped that session will continue to expand faculty dialog on topics such as contemplative pedagogy and integrative learning. If you are interested but can't make the session please let us know.

Feel free to bring your lunch with you.

  • Led by: Bart Everson, CAT
  • Date: Wednesday, August 24, 2011
  • Time: Noon - 1:00 PM
  • Location: CAT Conference Room

To register: RSVP to Olivia Crum at ocrum@xula.edu or call x.7512

Tags: contemplative
Format: discussion
Event ID: 01129

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