50 Web Tools in 50 Minutes

50 Web Tools in 50 Minutes

The title says it all. Well, almost.

There's a vast wealth of tools on the web these days. Many have a ready application for teaching and learning. Many are free.

This session will provide a tour of fifty such tools, with demonstrations. Given the busy pace of today's faculty schedules, we'll proceed at breakneck speed: one tool per minute.

Every teacher has different needs, according to subject matter and personal preference. By covering a large number of tools in a short period of time, we hope everyone will find something new and useful here.

Buckle in, folks, 'cause it's about to get bumpy.

Note: Please be punctual as the intensive pacing of this workshop precludes any dilly-dallying on the part of the presenter.

To register: RSVP to ocrum@xula.edu for lunch.

Tags: technology, web, online learning, hands-off
Format: presentation
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