Morning Meditation

A Pastel Morning (365/146 May 26, 2013)

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching invites you to join us for a regular group meditation. We'll meet each Tuesday morning throughout the spring 2014 semester. Drop in when you can.

What to expect?

We'll do a brief, silent meditation together. Afterward, you can stick around for a short discussion if you like; this is entirely optional. We'll discuss how to carry the spirit of the meditation forward into the rest of our day, into our professional and personal lives, including our teaching and learning. We'll be done by 9:10am at the latest.

But I've never done this before!

You needn't have any experience with meditating; just stop by and give it a try. There's no commitment and no pressure. We'll provide some basic instruction.

Why meditate?

Meditation has numerous well-documented benefits, including stress management, improved emotional balance, increased focus and awareness and increased responsiveness to student needs.

What does this have to do with teaching and learning?

Everything! It's called contemplative pedagogy. That's what we'll be talking about. Come join us to learn more.

  • Date: January 21-April 29, 2014
  • Time: 8:30 - 09:10 AM
  • Location: Mellon Seminar Room (Library 532B)

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