Everybody Present: Mindfulness in the Classroom
Restore concentration and focus in your classroom

Breakthroughs in technology and mobile devices have undoubtedly enriched our lives, but they come at a cost.

With so many easy interruptions to our concentration, it's no wonder that students can find it hard to follow a classroom discussion closely.

Without a solid foundation in the course material, remembering key points of lectures is next to impossible.

Educators themselves are not immune to these disruptions. The stresses and distractions that faculty bring to the classroom can also frustrate the process of teaching.

But since most teachers don't have the time for or training in mindfulness practices, how can they help both their students and themselves reclaim a purposeful educational experience?

Find the answer in Everybody Present: Mindfulness in the Classroom, a Magna 40-Minute Seminar presented by Dr. Kristin L. Roush, the award-winning Psychology faculty member at Central New Mexico Community College.

In this seminar, you'll see how practicing mindfulness in the classroom can restore focus and attention. Roush will demonstrate several strategies for promoting mindfulness that are simple, easy to adopt, and effective.

Educators can teach these practices to help their students focus on the present in the present, with improved learning as the outcome.

This seminar can help both educators and students achieve a higher degree of engagement, strengthen retention, and derive more satisfaction from the classroom experience.

Attend this online seminar to learn how mindfulness can be a critical learning tool for you and your students.

Note: CAT has purchased an "unlimited connections" package for this webinar so that all Xavier faculty may participate. This package includes on-demand access for 30 days. RSVP to Ms. Crum and she will send you instructions shortly before the event.

To register: RSVP to ocrum@xula.edu

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