Mentoring Philosophy: A Self-Reflective Tool for Effective Teaching

Strong mentorship has been demonstrated to enhance students’ learning in a variety of contexts. The mentoring effect has been shown to be particularly impactful on students from groups underrepresented in many of today’s top careers. Strong mentorship requires commitment and intentionality on the part of the mentor, and a mentoring philosophy can serve as the foundation for effective mentoring and teaching and learning. A mentoring philosophy is an introspective statement that explains and justifies the way you approach personal and professional relationships with students as you guide the students through development into a professional. It informs everything from how you advise a student of what course to take to how you engage them in the classroom. It can also inform the strategies and methods to improve your teaching and enhance your students’ learning. This discussion is designed to: 1) introduce the idea and value of a mentoring philosophy; 2) link the creation and use of a mentoring philosophy to effective teaching; 3) provide participants the opportunity and support to begin crafting their own mentoring philosophy.

Tags: mentoring, mentoring philsophy, teaching and learning
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