Inclusive Teaching 101

Inclusive teaching is about providing a rich and equitable learning environment for all students in your classroom, regardless of backgrounds or identities. In this presentation, participants will be introduced to the principles of inclusive teaching. In addition, we will announce a new CAT+FD initiative funded by the Mellon Foundation and in partnership with the Center for Equity, Justice and the Human Spirit.

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Can't Make It to CAT+FD That Day?

While we hope everyone interested in this topic is able to attend in person, we understand that this can be a challenge. This workshop will also be streamed live online. If you are interested in attending virtually, please register as usual.

During the workshop, you will be able to hear the speakers and the audience, and you will be able to see the speakers and the presentation slides. While you will not be seen or heard through the broadcast, you will be able to submit questions through a chat room. A member of the CAT+FD staff will monitor this and ask submitted questions at the appropriate time.

Instructions for Virtual Attendees

* This workshop will be simulcast via Zoom. If you are not familiar with Zoom Web Conferencing, please view this short Join A Meeting video [0:53] for help on joining a Zoom session.

* If you've never used Zoom on your computer/device before, please use this link to test your system:

* You will be able to join the workshop as early as 12:00 pm on Thursday, February 6, 2020. Please log in at least a few minutes early, as we will begin the session promptly at 12:15.

* To join this workshop from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android use this link:

* If Zoom asks you for the meeting ID, please enter this code: 336-443-180.

* If you are having trouble joining the workshop, contact Jay Todd ( or 601-818-2602).

  • Led by: Elizabeth Yost Hammer (CAT+FD)
  • Date: Thursday, February 6, 2020
  • Time: 12:15 - 1:05 PM
  • Location: Mellon Seminar Room (LRC 532B)
  • Sponsor: CAT+FD; Center for Equity, Justice and the Human Spirit

Tags: inclusive teaching, diversity, Mellon, unleashed
Format: presentation
Event ID: 01981

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