Course Portfolio Review

Please note that our Course Portfolio Review initiative was not revived after the floods of 2005. The information below is presented for historical purposes only.

Participating faculty review a course portfolio generated by a faculty member from the University of Nebraska, Indiana University, Kansas State University, the University of Michigan, or Texas A&M University as part of the Peer Review of Teaching project. Following these guidelines, the review of a course portfolio entails consideration of four specific issues in teaching:


Dr. Todd Stanislav writes:

In July 2003, the Center for the Advancement of Teaching began thinking again about ways to enhance or expand its Course Portfolios Initiative. I recalled that Dan Bernstein, a former faculty member at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and now director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of Kansas-Lawrence, was very involved in the early work of the American Association for Higher Education's Peer Review of Teaching project. So I sent Dan an e-mail message in which I wrote, "For several years now, faculty members at Xavier have been producing course portfolios. I am interested in offering faculty an opportunity that addresses questions, again in characteristically vague terms today, such as, 'Now that I have a course portfolio, where can I go from here?' and 'How can I expand upon this portfolio?'"

Dan was very helpful in directing me to a new Peer Review of Teaching Project and one specific aspect of the project, the peer review of course portfolios. From these conversations the Center for the Advancement of Teaching added the Course Portfolio Review project to its Course Portfolio Initiative. The first invitation to Xavier's faculty to participate in this project was in a request for proposals announced in March 2004.

Completed Portfolio Reviews

Review of a Communications Course Portfolio Louis, Ross
Review of a Computer Sciences Course Portfolio Chen, Dongyan
Review of an Introduction to Psychology Course Portfolio Salgado, Roy
Review of a Western Civilization Course Portfolio Salm, Steven
Review of a Mathematics Course Portfolio Unnithan, Sindhu
Review of a Philosophy Course Portfolio Schafer, Paul