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Another CPWG Project

Course Portfolio for SPCM 3040: Small Group Communication

Dr. Dominique M. Gendrin

by Dr. Dominique M. Gendrin

Dr. Dominique Gendrin's portfolio was written for her Small Group Communication course. The purpose of the portfolio was to reflect on the philosophy of teaching in the field of communication, ways to promote more actively student learning, and methods of assessing learning outcomes in the Small Group Communication course. Using team learning, students could develop the necessary skills to become ''social scientists'' and become more responsible for their own learning.

The portfolio includes:

Personal teaching and philosophy

Context and description of the course

Course materials

Course evaluations

Student and peer evaluations

Final reflections

Dr. Gendrin writes, ''The creation of this course was aimed at addressing the fundamental question of all individuals involved with education: What is teaching? I thought I knew the answer to this question, having taught for more than twenty years in a variety of educational contexts. However, this group reflection led me to revisit my own philosophical assumptions about teaching and take a new look at the classroom experience.''

Dr. Gendrin's portfolio is available in the Center for the Advancement of Teaching or by contacting Dr. Gendrin at

Start date: Friday, September 1, 2000
Finish date: Tuesday, May 1, 2001