Course Portfolio Working Group

Please note that our Course Portfolio Working Group initiative is no longer active. The information below is presented for historical purposes only.

What is a Course Portfolio?

A course portfolio is a scholarly project reflecting the choices an instructor makes in designing, implementing, and evaluating a course. More than just a collection of teaching materials, the course portfolio represents the exploration of an instructor's teaching practice through inquiry and reflection, with the ultimate focus on student learning. Therefore, all course portfolios are works in progress as the instructor continues to redesign and implement aspects of a course after examining results of both student and self-learning. Dr. Deborah Langsam from UNC-Charlotte, stated, "The purpose of the course portfolio is to provide a vehicle for inquiry and reflection into the teaching and learning process."

Xavier University's Center for the Advancement of Teaching has fostered dialog and work on course portfolios from 1997 to the present; see the CPWG Milestones.

The Center, through its Course Portfolios Initiative and the Course Portfolio Working Group, continues to support faculty in their development of Benchmark Portfolios. The Course Portfolio Working Group, a year-long project recommended for faculty who have not written a course portfolio before, results in the production of a portfolio that focuses on a single course while reflecting on teaching philosophy, techniques, and learning assessment in a general way. The outcome of this work is a foundational document upon which the faculty member can build as he or she goes forward, innovating and experimenting with teaching.

Completed Course Portfolios

Course Portfolio for AFAM 2000 Tucker, Linda
Course Portfolio for Introduction to African American History and Culture (AFAM 2000) Heglar, Charles
Art Appreciation Course Portfolio Kinnord-Payton, MaPĆ³
History of Art 1B (Renaissance to the Present), Art 2120 Beauchamp-Byrd, Mora
A Course Portfolio for BIOL 1230: General Biology Bandaranayake, Hema
BIOL 1240L -- General Biology II Laboratory Course Portfolio Delaney, Kevin
Cell Biology Course Portfolio Saunders, Royal
Classroom Learning in Biology 1240 Porter, Calvin
Course Portfolio for Anatomy & Physiology Doumen, Chris
Course Portfolio for Biodiversity (BIOL 2000) Bell, Charles
Course Portfolio for BIOL 2010LB: Microbiology Lab Ireland, Shubha
Course Portfolio for BIOL 3350: Anatomy and Physiology Mullins, Tracy
Course Portfolio for General Microbiology (BIOL 2010) Muniruzzaman, Syed
Course Portfolio for The Neurochemical Basis of Human Behavior (BIOL 4303) Saunders, Royal
Genetics Course Portfolio Stanislav, Todd
Introduction to Forensic Sciences course portfolio Eckert, John
Reinforcement of Definitions in a General Biology Course: A Course Portfolio for Biology 1240 Ratnayaka, Harish
2011/2012 QEP Course Portfolio for BSAD 4000: Business Policy Peters, Richard
Course Portfolio for Chemistry 2220 DR Cheng, Shifa
Course Portfolio for Chemistry 2230/2240 Klassen, Bryan
A Course Portfolio for Advanced Public Speaking Hopson-Sparks, Melissa
A Course Portfolio for SPCM 3040: Group Discussion Gendrin, Dominique
A Course Portfolio for Writing for Radio and Television (MSCM 2500) Silverman, David
A Working Course Portfolio for Fundamentals of Public Speaking (SPCM 1010) Brown, Rockell
CMST 3030 Race, Culture and Communication Edgecomb, Elizabeth
Communication Anxiety over Public Speaking: A Course Portfolio for SPCM 1010 (Fundamentals of Public Speaking) Morin, Aysel
Communications Course Portfolio 1 Bales, Fred
Communications Course Portfolio 2 Bales, Fred
Course Portfolio for SPCM 3040: Small Group Communication Gendrin, Dominique
Course Portfolio for SPTH 2920: Articulation Disorders Martino, Nancy
Motivation to Speak: A Course Portfolio for SPCH 1010 (Fundamentals of Public Speaking) Thomson, Stephanie
News Reporting, MSCM 3250 Jenkins, Cheryl
Service-Learning as Critical Pedagogy: A Course Portfolio of Honors Public Speaking (SPCM 1011H) Louis, Ross
Special Topics in Speech Communication: Media Literacy Course Portfolio. Lundy, James
A Course Portfolio for CSPC/BSAD 1005: Intro to PCs/Software Applications Louis, Lynda
Course Portfolio for CPSC 2740: Software Engineering Sampson, Elizabeth
Course Portfolio for Logic Design (CPEN 2110) Northern, James
CPSC 3603: Special Topics in Computer Science: Human-Computer Interaction Lang, Ray
Improving Student Learning in Circuits I (CPEN 2210) Through Enhanced Classroom Interactions Chen, Dongyan
A Course Portfolio for ECSS 5620: Techniques of Counseling Thompson, Jill
Course Portfolio for Adaptive Physical Education Craig, Jean Marie
Course Portfolio for Physical Education Athey, Doug
Course Portfolio for WRIT 1050 Richard, Charles
Human Growth and Development (ECSS 6210) Course Portfolio Salgado, Roy
Research Methodology (EDCG 5010) Course Portfolio Prosper, Tanzia
Teaching Portfolio for the Course Advanced Counseling Techniques Marszalek, John
The Professional 7-12 Science and Math Educator: A Course Portfolio Glaude, Timothy
A Reading Portfolio: English 2010 Adamo, Ralph
Active and Engaged Reading Williams, Cocoa
Course Portfolio for ENGL 3070: restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature Schurer, Norbert
Course Portfolio for English Bryan, Violet
Course Portfolio for English 1010 Cheramie, Deany
Course Portfolio for English 2010 Whitaker, Mark
Course Portfolio for English 2011HN Lanoue, David
Course Portfolio for English 3175 and English 1023HN Levy, Michele
Course Portfolio for WRIT 1050 Bates, Randolph
Course Portfolio for WRIT 1050 Derricotte, Toi
Course Portfolio for WRIT 1050 Melnick, Patrice
Course Portfolio for WRIT 1050 Whitaker, Mark
Course Portfolio for WRIT 1050 Introduction to Creative Writing Obradovic, Biljana
ENGL 1020: English Composition & Literature Todd, Jason
ENGL 3160: Survey of American Literature I & ENGL: 3170: Surveyof American Literature II Todd, Jason
English 1010 Composition and Rhetoric Tuman, Jeremy
English 1010 Course Portfolio Clytus, Radiclani
English Composition and Rhetoric Course Portfolio Rome-Jones, Danielle
English Composition and Rhetoric Portfolio Gould, Donna
Introduction to World Literature I course portfolio Richardson, Leslie
Swimming with Poets: Lessening Student Anxiety and Fear of Poetry in English 1020 Andersson, Lena
A Course Portfolio for HIST 1040: World Civilizations Since 1500 Salm, Steven
Course Portfolio for History 1040: World History Since 1500 Barrett-Gaines, Kathryn
Course Portfolio for History1040HN World Civilizations to 1500 Reese, Scott
Course Portfolio for World Civilizations (1500-present) Hemenway, Betsy
Course Portfolios for Spanish Language and Spanish Literature Courses Roman-Beato, Bernardo
A Course Portfolio for MATH 1010, Mathematical Ideas McCreary, Paul
A Course Portfolio for MATH 1010: Principles of Modern Math Unnithan, Sindhu
A Course Portfolio for MATH 2080: Calculus III Kocic, Vlajko
Course Portfolio for Introductory Calculus DuRapau, Theresa
Course Portfolio for Math 0981DV: Algebra Review Labranche, Michael
Course Portfolio for MATH1060- Mathematics for Elementary Majors DuRapau, Theresa
Pre-Calculus (MATH 1030) Course Portfolio Villarreal, Karen
Precalculus Course Portfolio Kocic, Vlajko
A Course Portfolio for Pathophysiology (PHCL 4310) Lieveld, Patricia
Acute Care Internal Medicine Clerkship totation Okogbaa, John
Advanced Pediatric Pharmacotherapy PHCY 4100 LaRochelle, Joseph
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Critical Care Medicine Johnson, Jessica
Advanced Professional Practice Experience in Ambulartory Care Taylor, Ashley
Advanced Professional Practice Experience in Ambulatory Care Taylor, Ashley
Ambulatory Care Totation Clinical Clerkships Crawford, Lori
Applied Pharmacokinetics Course Portfolio Jacob, Patricia
Clinical Clerkship in Adult Ambulatory Medicine Conrad, Ariane
Course Portfolio for Clinical Clerkship Jamero, Dana
Course Portfolio for Clinical Clerkship in Adult Internal Medicine Rogers, Krishawnda
Course Portfolio for Clinical Clerkship in Ambulatory Care (Community Pharmacy Patient Care Center) Bailey Wheeler, Janel
Internal Medicine Clerkship Okogbaa, John
Pathophysiology PHCL 4310 Sarac, Miroslav
Teaching Portfolio for Courses in the College of Pharmacy Obih, Patience
Course Portfolio for ''Problems in Philosophy'' PHIL 1070 Schafer, Paul
Course Portfolio for Ethics: General Principles Berman, Robert
Course Portfolio for Problems in Philosophy Spring 2008 Chastain, Drew
PHYS 1121-2111-2121 Sunda-Meya, Anderson
Revision of the Algebra-Based Physics Lab (PHYS 2010L and 2020L): A Physics Course Portfolio McCloud, Kathleen
A Course Portfolio Examining Introduction to Research (PSY2512) Schulte, Lisa
Experimental Psychology (PSY 2020) Iskra, Annette
Experimental Psychology Course Portfolio Schulte, Lisa
Theories of Personality: A Course Portfolio Marion, Michelle
Benchmark Course Portfolio: Introduction to Sociology Bellone Hite, Amy
Course Portfolio for Introduction to Biblical Studies (THEO 1120) Homan, Michael
Bibliographic Instruction Hampton, Nancy