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Another CPWG Project

Course Portfolio for Clinical Clerkship in Adult Internal Medicine

by Dr. Krishawnda Rogers

Dr. Rogers writes, "This project was undertaken to create an organized, reproducible learning experience for senior level pharmacy students assigned to my 'Clinical Clerkship in Adult Internal Medicine.' It functioned partly as a formative mechanism by which to incorporate objective learning activities and assessment tools into a previously subjective experience. It also took on a summative role as it allowed me to create and collate materials that could be reviewed by students interested in the clerkship.

The portfolio project compelled me to focus on creating objective learning activities and assessment tools, which had been previously deemed impossible given the subjective nature of this course (clerkship). The insight that was gained from the multi-disciplinary collaboration was priceless. The CPWG project afforded me the opportunity to contribute to and explore new ideas in the teaching and learning process at XULA."

The portfolio includes:

Purpose statement
Philosophy on teaching
Course learning goals
Course content
Required readings
Drug quizzes
Medical documentation exercise
Assessment tools
Student pre-survey
Student post-survey
Preceptor evaluation form
Physician evaluation form
Journal club evaluation form
Case presentation form.
Most elements of the portfolio are available in the Center for the Advancement of Teaching or by contacting Dr. Rogers at

Start date: Monday, September 18, 2000
Finish date: Friday, May 18, 2001