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Another CPWG Project

Course Portfolio for Adaptive Physical Education

by Sr. Jean Marie Craig

Sister Jean Marie Craig has written two course portfolios- one for Kinesiology (PHED 3240) and one for Test and Measurements in Physical Eucation (PHED 4350). Both are physical education courses offered by Xavier's Division of Eucation. More recently, Sr. Jean Marie Craig developed a portfolio for her Adaptive Physical Education Course. She writes, ''This.. course porfolio is meant to be a goal-oriented document of my professional growth throughout this semester. One of my goals is to improve my teaching and to have a definite way to track my professional growth. The portfolio will be a collection of documentations that should be tangible evidence of my teaching practices. This should help me think more critically about my teaching, create new methods of assessing it, and discuss pedagogy with colleagues. Hopefully, shifting the emphasis from what I teach to how and why I teach will put the focus on delivery and learning. This should help with the second goal for creating this porfolio, which is students' learning. This will be an instrument for self-evaluation, improvement in teaching, and better student outcomes.''
Sr. Jean Marie Craig's portfolio is available in the Center for the Advancement of Teaching or by cntacting Sr. Jean Marie Craig at

Start date: Friday, September 1, 2000
Finish date: Tuesday, May 1, 2001