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Mellon Technology Initiatives

Request for Proposals

Issued November 8, 2001

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching is privileged to announce two initiatives supported by a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Both initiatives involve technology, yet they are distinct; the details are outlined below. All Xavier faculty are invited to submit proposals. Please indicate the initiative in which you wish to participate, and whether you wish to begin work in the summer or fall of 2002. See the links at the bottom of the table for detailed proposal guidelines.

Technology Infusion Projects Rich Media Projects
General Description Supports faculty use of existing technology and media to enhance teaching and student learning. Supports faculty creation of rich media products.

Incorporation of e-mail or WebBoard discussion into an existing course

Developing a simple course website Integration of course with Blackboard or other course management system

Virtual office hours weekly via bulletin board chat

Videoconferencing to enhance classroom experience Integration of electronic presentations (such as PowerPoint slides) into a course

Use of commercially available CD-ROMs or discipline-specific courseware for instructional purposes

Adoption of spreadsheet or gradebook programs for keeping class records

Course requirement of student-authored website projects

Classroom research project focusing on effectiveness of technology in teaching and learning

Integration of JSTOR or other electronic journals or databases into a course.

Rich media products are websites and CD-ROMs that incorporate multimedia elements.

Rich media products:

Are electronic in whole or in part

Combine different types of media (e.g., text, images, video, audio, animation, databases)

Allow for some degree of interactivity on the part of the user

Result from more ambitious projects than a faculty member might normally take on.

Structure Two distinct phases: implementation and evaluation. Three distinct phases: writing a design document, implementation and evaluation.
Time Frame These projects last two semesters (or one semester and one summer). These projects last at least three semesters (or two semesters and one summer), often longer.
Funded faculty will attend a monthly luncheon to share their progress and discuss emerging issues.
Level of Funding Two semesters of $500 stipends. In a few cases, a semester of 25% release time may be granted. One semester of 25% release time (or a $2,000 summer stipend) followed by two semesters of $500 stipends.
Note that funding for successive phases is contingent upon successful completion of the previous phase and subject to review by members of the Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtable.
Number of Faculty We hope to fund four faculty in the summer of 2002 and nine in the fall. We anticipate funding approximately 35 faculty over the three-year course of this grant. We hope to fund four faculty in the summer of 2002 and four in the fall. We anticipate funding approximately 12 faculty over the three-year course of this grant.
Administered by Gayna Credle, Instructional Design Specialist Bart Everson, Multimedia Specialist
Proposal Deadline January 31st, 2002
Technology Infusion Projects
proposal guidelines
Rich Media Projects
proposal guidelines
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