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Technology Tuesdays at Sherwood Forest

"What did I learn at school today?" Several teachers from Sherwood Forest Elementary school have answered that question:

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They have been involved in the use of e-mail in the classroom for communication with parents and the technology liaison, and each other. They also were shown how to use the digital cameras, printers, and scanners that the school owns as part of job embedded training.

As the Technology Tuesday classes progressed, many teachers became delighted and enthusiastic with their new accomplishments. They experienced a heightened appreciation of computer technology issues related to the classroom and schooling, received advanced skill training in Hyperstudio software and beginning training in Web page production and experimented with digital photographic manipulation. You can see examples of what they created as first attempts by clicking on the appropriate link.

Web Pages

Creating these WebPages was not only an interesting learning experience, but also fun to produce.

Photo of Sherwood Forest faculty


Here are the first Hyperstudio stacks we produced within record-breaking time!


This class offered me an opportunity to explore the unknown and exercise the unimaginative in the world of advanced software application and computer technology.

I can now see, understand and appreciate why it is so imperative that we as educators continue to educate ourselves if we are to generate a progressive future for the upcoming generation.

"To learn is to change and to change is to learn."
Monetta W. Henson

October 29, 2002

Technology Tuesday~ Reflections

Today was an interesting day in Technology Tuesday. We began creating our Web Pages. As usual, I was completely lost! I know that eventually, I'll catch on. I don't know what I'll do without" Nenyb" sitting next to me.

I've learned that you can make a web page in words, works, powerpoint... Today we used word to begin our web page. I still have much to do on my web page. I'm looking forward in completing my page!

Wanda Milligan

October 29, 2002

Technology Tuesday - Reflection

Wow! Today we actually began creating web pages ~ something that has always seemed like a foreign concept. I'm really excited because now my students will have the opportunity to see their work, responses, and pictures on a page created just for them. To say that this was an easy undertaking would be an understatement! My web page is a "work in progress". I'm excited about the progress I've made so far and am continually looking forward to gaining more new and practical experience. ~ Jeannine A. Boutte

Today our class was introduced to HTML, hypertext markup language. We utilized the Microsoft Word program to create a web page. I appreciated learning how to use the Word program to create a web page, and was truly amazed as to how simple it was. I guess I can discard my old how to book I bought in 1995 titled, "How To Create Web Pages for Dummies."

Thanks for the lesson, M. Henson

Technology Tuesday Reflections 10-29-02

Hi Elizabeth,

Sorry we missed you today! Shane was great in your place. Today we learned how to create a Web Page. First we brainstormed our ideas, and then we sketched a layout. Shane taught us to use tables to better organize our web page. We learned how to merge and split cells. I knew how to make tables, but this was new for me, though simple, as it may seem. Additionally, I learned how to insert pictures from Clip Art. This was exciting!!!! I didn't complete the Web Page yet, but I'll gather more ideas and be ready for the next class. See you next week!


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