Mission Values Program Committee

Update: As of January, 2015, the work described below is largely finished. Read the Proposal from CAT's Mission, Values and Programming Review Committee to the Office of Academic Affairs. The other documents indexed on this page are archived for historical purposes.


Over the course of the 2014-2015 academic year, the Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) is marking its 20th anniversary. Since its inception in 1994, CAT has existed to fulfill its mission "to advance the art and science of teaching and learning" and has enjoyed broad faculty participation in its services and activities.

CAT has been able to sustain its initiatives and offerings over two decades by evolving with the times to meet faculty needs. In celebration of its 20th year, CAT is exploring ways to expand its services (and ultimately its mission) in supporting the faculty member in all areas of responsibility — Teaching, Scholarship, and Service — utilizing a teacher-scholar model based on comprehensive faculty development. To this end, CAT has assembled a team from its faculty advisory board to explore an expansion of its mission/values/programs that takes a holistic approach to developing the faculty member.

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  • Renee Akbar/Rosalind P Hale, Education and Counseling
  • Cecily Bennet, Biological and Public Health Sciences
  • Cary Caro, Business
  • Mark Gstohl, Fine Arts and Humanities
  • Kelly Johanson, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • KiTani Lemieux, Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Wyndolyn Ludwikowski, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Kristi M. Rapp, Clinical and Administrative Sciences
  • Tiera S. Coston, CAT
  • Bart Everson, CAT
  • Janice Florent, CAT
  • Elizabeth Yost Hammer, CAT
  • Karen Nichols, CAT

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