Flight or Fight?
Student Motivation for Academic Achievement through Quality Education

Scholars agree that students' quality of education is grounded in their ability to learn roles, feelings, attitudes, norms, and social expectations from the social context, institutional structures, and classroom experiences. Assessing students' perceptions of their educational success in relation to institutional structures, the socio-psychological environment, and the classroom setting facilitates an understanding of how students are able to reach their goals at Xavier University.

This forum will attempt to answer the question: "What motivates our students to commit to their educational endeavors and reach for their goals?" A research community, comprised of Dr. Pamela Waldron-Moore (Political Science), Dr. Dominique M. Gendrin (Communications), Miss Amanda Brown, (senior, Political Science major), and Miss Sharvon Pipkins, (senior, Political Science major and Communications minor) will present a panorama of social scientific thinking to answer this question. Drawing upon their research expertise, this small community of Xavier faculty and students will integrate the issue of allocation of values and the application of communication strategies to address the socio-psychological and educational contexts of learning at Xavier University.

Forum Objectives:

1. To present attending faculty with ideas for examining and understanding student motivation for learning and achieving.

2. To present attending students with an opportunity to uphold or refute the findings/analysis to be presented.

3. To afford all participants an opportunity to share the merits of interdisciplinary study.

4. To demonstrate how well the values associated with the goals of higher education contribute to the overall objective of our two disciplines.

5. To identify a primary goal of Political Science and Communications, which is to create a more just and humane society, where students from a positive and supportive educational environment can grow to become community leaders and active citizens.

All interested faculty and students are invited to attend. Faculty who support these objectives should come prepared to share their experiences, as well as gain new ideas from forum presenters. Those who would like to gain new insight into student motivation should come with an open and inquiring mind. Students should come armed with a healthy dose of curiosity and an eagerness to share their views.

  • Led by: Drs. Pamela Waldron-Moore and Dominique Gendrin, Ms. Amanda Brown, and Ms. Sharvon Pipkins (Departments of Political Science and Communications)
  • Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2003
  • Time: Noon - 1:00 PM
  • Location: Library 501
  • Sponsor: Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Note: Lunch will be served.

To register: Please e-mail cat@xula.edu or call Nicole at ext. #7512.

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