CAT Colloquium: Research and Teaching Communities
The Human Genome and Freshman Math

The CAT Colloquium is a new series of workshops intended to showcase Center-supported initiatives. In this fourth installment, Dr. Pamela Waldron-Moore (Political Science) provides an overview of the Communities Initiative, followed by presentations of two recent projects:

Dr. Marion Carroll (Chemistry) and Dr. Jay Ciaffa (Philosophy) present "An Interdisciplinary Focus on the Human Genome Project," a teaching community that sought to identify and address ethical and social issues emerging in the wake of the Human Genome Project.

Dr. V. J. DuRapau, Jr., and Ms. Sue Fredine (both of the Math Department) present their ''Freshman Mathematics'' research project, which targeted administrative and pedagogical questions about Xavier's Pre-Calculus and Developmental Mathematics courses.

  • Led by: Dr. Pamela Waldron-Moore, Political Science Chair
  • Date: Thursday, April 21, 2005
  • Time: 2:40 - 3:55 PM
  • Location: Library 501
  • Sponsor: CAT

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