Beyond Jena
A Forum on Bloggers of Color, Education and Social Justice in New Orleans

The 2007 demonstrations in Jena, Louisiana, were "a civil rights protest literally conjured out of the ether of cyberspace, of a type that has never happened before in America" [Chicago Tribune]

Nearly a year and a half after these cyber-driven protests, this innovative forum will continue exploring the relevance of social action initiatives like Jena, as well as the blogosphere and grassroots media as vehicles for social justice. Convening diverse panels of bloggers of color, faculty, students and activists, the forum will also focus on the rise of the blogosphere in New Orleans and the unique ways that grassroots media can be utilized to enhance pedagogical practices as we seek to realize the Xavier mission within the classroom and beyond.

How can we merge new technologies, pedagogy and grassroots media to realize the Xavier mission in unique and innovative ways? We'll address this and other topics through two exciting panels:

PANEL ONE: The Rise of Blogging and Grassroots Media as Tools for Social Justice in New Orleans and Beyond

PANEL TWO: Using Blogging and Grassroots Media as an Educational Tool to Realize the Xavier Mission: A Discussion of Best Practices and Student Reflections

  • Led by: Dr. Kimberly Chandler (Communications) and Bart Everson (CAT)
  • Date: Saturday, January 31, 2009
  • Time: 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Location: University Center Ballroom
  • More info:

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Tags: social justice
Format: seminar
Event ID: 01017

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