Utilizing Oral History in the Classroom
Multidisciplinary Approaches and Active Learning

Oral history offers a unique opportunity for students to engage themselves in the reconstruction of personal life stories and events from the perspectives of those whose voices may not appear in traditional records. In the course of performing oral history, students immerse themselves in rich human interactions that should be rewarding for all parties. This workshop will discuss ways in which instructors can utilize oral history not only to enhance student's interest and understanding of class material but to also enhance their critical thinking and writing skills by presenting alternative and often contrasting versions of personalities and events.

  • Led by: Dr. Steve Salm (History), Dr. Wendy Gaudin (History), and Dr. Ross Louis (CAT/CUR/Communications)
  • Date: Thursday, March 12, 2009
  • Time: 12:15 - 1:05 PM
  • Location: Library 501
  • Sponsor: Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Note: LUNCH WILL BE SERVED. Please RSVP to Olivia Crum at ocrum@xula.edu or call ext 7512.

Tags: pedagogy, oral history, lunch
Format: panel
Event ID: 01020

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