Problems and Possibilities:
Engaging Students in Undergraduate Research in the Humanities

In the humanities, we don't have labs, we often work alone. Small wonder we don't engage our students in undergraduate research!

It's no secret that undergraduate research has been dominated by the sciences. Those of us in the humanities have much to learn from them, but we can also learn from each other. Nadia Lahutsky, Ph.D. and Mark Gstohl Ph.D. invite faculty from all disciplines to attend this workshop on undergraduate research so that participants can share their ideas about best practices and methodologies that work. Lahutsky and Gstohl have been studying undergraduate research in religious studies as members of a consultation composed of scholars throughout North America for the last two years. In addition to sharing their research in panel presentations and workshops at national meetings, members of the consultation are also preparing a text, Teaching Undergraduate Research in Religious Studies, for publication by Oxford University Press. Lahutsky and Gstohl will share their research to help you develop strategies for success and motivate you to engage your students in projects that will help them grow as scholars!

  • Led by: Nadia M. Lahutsky Ph.D. [Texas Christian University] and Mark A. Gstohl Ph.D. [Xavier University]
  • Date: Thursday, February 12, 2009
  • Time: 12:15 - 1:05 PM
  • Location: Library 501
  • Sponsor: Center for the Advancement of Teaching and the Center for Undergraduate Research

Note: Lunch will be provided

To register: To register: Please RSVP to or call Olivia Crum at x. 7512 to ensure we have enough lunches.

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