Blackboard: Quizzes and Surveys - Part 2

Are you spending a lot of time grading quizzes and tests? Would you like to get feedback from your students? Blackboard can provide an easy way to administer quizzes and surveys. In this workshop you will learn how to conduct electronic tests and surveys in Blackboard.

This workshop is a continuation of the Quizzes and Surveys workshop that was held on September 2, 2009. In addition to a brief review of what was covered in the first workshop, we will cover the following items in detail:

  • Using Pool Manager to create tests from a pool of questions
  • Analyzing test/quiz results
  • Creating and analyzing surveys
  • Using Respondus to create and manage tests and surveys
  • Using Respondus Lockdown Browser to secure the testing environment
  • Using course cartridges
  • Copying course content from one course to another

Prerequisites: This workshop assumes that you are familiar with modifying the course menu and working in the control panel. If you would like to attend this workshop and you are not familiar with modifying the course menu or working in the control panel, you should request a one-on-one with Janice Florent before Monday, September 21st. You can reach Janice at extension 7418 or email Janice Florent.

  • Led by: Janice Florent (CAT)
  • Date: Monday, September 21, 2009
  • Time: 3:30 - 5:00 PM
  • Location: Library, Room 532A
  • Sponsor: Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Note: Visit our website for additional Blackboard workshops or contact Janice Florent.

To register: RSVP to or call ext 7418.

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