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How Blogs Are Changing the Nature of Academic Discourse

This panel discussion will focus on how blogs are changing the nature of academic discourse. This is not a workshop on "how to blog" but an examination of the value and impact (positive or negative) of academic blogs within specific disciplines. We hope our discussion will be of interest to faculty who do not read blogs but may be curious as to what academics are doing in the so-called "blogosphere."

Blogs are increasingly a force with which society must reckon. Academics are using and will continue to use blogs for purposes more or less academic. This is to be expected, as academics (like artists and the religious) have always used available media to advance their agendas. Therefore, the salient question is not whether blogs have a place in academic discourse, but rather to ask what that place is, how it is evolving, what impact this may have on academic discourse, how blogs may be characterized and compared to more familiar venues, what peculiar affordances and pitfalls they may present, who in academia is blogging, about what, why, and to what end.

Panel participants:

* Marion Carroll, Chemistry

* Nancy Hampton, Library

* Jason Berntsen, Philosophy

To register: LUNCH WILL BE SERVED. RSVP to Olivia Crum via e-mail or call x.7512

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Format: panel
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