Brightspace: Checklists and Self-Assessments

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In this workshop, participants will learn how to use the Self-Assessments and Checklists tools in Brightspace. Read on for information about how each of these tools can benefit you in your teaching and learning.


The Checklist tool allows instructors to make use of an organizational tool to improve the effectiveness of groups and individuals navigating your course; highlighting important or required assignments, readings, or other items to complete.

Checklists can benefit students in the following ways:

  • Focuses their minds on important objectives
  • They are less likely to forget to do tasks
  • It shows the bigger picture of things that must be done across the course
  • Learners feel more in control by letting them decide on priorities: the most important and the most urgent
  • Learners are less likely to become sidetracked by non-urgent/non-important tasks
  • Have a record of what they’ve completed and what they have left to do


Learners come to their courses with varying levels of experience, skills, and understanding. Student self-assessment involves students in evaluating their own work and learning progress. Through self-assessment, students can:

  • identify their own skill gaps, where their knowledge is weak
  • see where to focus their attention in learning
  • set realistic goals
  • revise their work
  • track their own progress
  • if online, decide when to move to the next level of the course

This process helps students stay involved and motivated and encourages self-reflection and responsibility for their learning.

The Self-Assessment tool allows instructors to provide feedback that motivates students to self-reflect in a formative format since the tool is non-graded but provides immediate feedback. Self-Assessments can be used for pre-assessments such as one instance at the beginning of the course covering all the materials, module by module, week by week, chapter by chapter, lesson by lesson, etc.

  • Led by: Ms. Janice Florent (CAT+)
  • Date: Thursday, February 8, 2018
  • Time: 1:15 - 2:15 PM
  • Location: Library, Room 532A
  • Sponsor: CAT+FD

Note: Visit our website for additional Brightspace workshops or contact Janice Florent.

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Format: hands-on
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