The Rubrics Cube

Open source image of a scrammbled Rubik's Cube

Rubrics are one of the most common forms of academic grading and assessment these days. Rubrics offer a greater opportunity for fairness and accuracy, as they empower the evaluator to consider how the assignment meets specific and narrowly-defined expectations. Rubrics also decrease the number of times a student will ask you, "Why did I get this grade on this assignment?" because the rubric provides the answer to that question already.

Rubrics are also the basis of our attempts to more accurately and transparently assess the effectiveness of X-Core, Xavier's new core curriculum. However, as with any extensive academic endeavor, we can all use a little help learning how to decode the puzzle of rubrics.

At this interactive workshops, participants will learn the following:

* About the specific, faculty-developed rubrics that are being used for the primary learning outcomes of X-Core;

* How the rubrics can be integrated into their teaching of X-Core (as well as non-core) classes; and

* How to effectively designed assignments to match the X-Core rubrics.

  • Led by: Dr. Jason S. Todd (CAT+FD/ENGL)
  • Date: Thursday, September 12, 2019
  • Time: 12:15 - 1:05 PM
  • Location: Mellon Seminar Room - LRC 532B
  • Sponsor: CAT+FD; X-Core

Tags: x-core, assessment, rubrics
Format: hands-on
Event ID: 01887

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