Automate Communications Using Intelligent Agents in Brightspace (Repeat)


light blub Are you looking for a low-touch way of setting your students up for success? Intelligent Agents is a Brightspace communications tool instructors can use to help students stay on track.

Intelligent Agents automates the process of communicating with learners. With Intelligent Agents, you can send email automatically, making it easy to welcome learners to your course, re-engage inactive ones, or simply congratulate a job well done. With reports on which learners were emailed and the ability to reply directly to the instructor, connecting with learners has never been easier.

Zoë Cohen, Assistant Professor in the College of Medicine Tucson, University of Arizona, explains how small changes yields large rewards in this “Individualized Emails Increase Classroom Performance” article.

Kim Manturuk, Associate Director of Research, Evaluation and Development at Duke Learning Innovation, explains why you should not give up on the nudge in her “Reclaiming the Nudge” opinion piece that appeared in Inside Higher Ed. She writes, the nudge can still help students.

Attend this workshop to learn how to use the Intelligent Agents tool to automate the process of communicating with your students based on course activity criteria that you define. For example, you can set up an Intelligent Agent that will send a personalized, supportive email to all students who scored less than 65% on an exam and invite them to meet with you before the next exam during your office hours.

This workshop, the fourth in our #LEX Advance series, will help you to utilize Intelligent Agents to automate communications and set your students up for success in your classes.

  • Led by: Janice Florent, Jason S Todd
  • Date: Thursday, March 18, 2021
  • Time: 4:30 - 5:30 PM
  • Location: 94946194384

Tags: Brightspace, LEX, LEX Advanced, automation, flipped, inverted, sp21
Format: hands-on
Event ID: 02088

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