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Building the Core through XCOR

The new XCOR classes are critical components of our new core curriculum. Currently, we have almost 40 sections of XCOR 1000 being offered to help our incoming first-year students transition to their new lives as college students. Next semester, we need to have as many sections of the second level, XCOR 1011/1012, for those students to take. Meanwhile, we need to be continually offering a variety of the third level of XCOR, 3010 and 3020, for our sophomores and juniors who have overwhelmingly chosen to change to the new core.

A number of faculty have already successfully proposed interesting and exciting classes at the 1011/1012 and the 3010/3020 levels; however, we need more proposals to ensure we are able to offer enough sections in the spring semester. Many faculty have expressed an interest in developing new classes or adapting existing classes to meet these needs, but have also expressed concern about not knowing what is expected from these classes. If you are in this group, please make the time to attend this workshop. Or, if you just want some more information before you take the next step, please consider attending.

This will be a hands-on workshop. Participants will leave having identified a topic, developed a title, and written a one-paragraph description for an XCOR course. Participants will also be provided with a detailed outline of the next steps that need to be taken in order to submit a completed proposal by the September 19 deadline.

  • Led by: Dr. Richard Peters (Business/X-Core); Dr. Wendy Gaudin (History); Dr. Jason S. Todd (ENGL/CAT+FD)
  • Date: Monday, September 10, 2018
  • Time: Noon - 12:50 PM
  • Location: Mellon Seminar Room - LRC 532B
  • Sponsor: CAT+FD; X-Core

Tags: core curriculum, X-core, XCOR
Format: hands-on
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