Innovations in Teaching
A Faculty-led Discussion

Service Learning and Social Change

Dr. Beverly Mason (Sociology) has been involved in a service-learning project at Israel Augustine Middle School. Dr. Mason is also currently placing students in community-based organizations, including Live Oak Middle School. Dr. Mason will talk about the impact of service learning on these communities, as well as the social change implications of these efforts.

Molecular Genetics and Student Learning

To achieve a coherent, holistic understanding of the process of gene expression requires the integration of several fundamental concepts of molecular genetics. By necessity, books and lectures must present these concepts one at a time. To aid students in integrating this material, Dr. Bill Whalen (Biology) has assigned Internet projects using public domain DNA and protein analysis programs. Dr. Whalen will describe this hands-on approach to learning that has helped many students come to a better understanding of what a gene is and how it functions.

  • Led by: Drs. Beverly Mason (Sociology) and Bill Whalen (Biology)
  • Date: Friday, February 22, 2002
  • Time: Noon - 1:00 PM
  • Location: Library Room 534
  • Sponsor: Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Note: Lunch will be provided.

To register: Please e-mail or call Arriana at ext. #7512.

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