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Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing tool. Collaborate offers a live, virtual classroom environment with features that include audio, video, chat, application sharing and content sharing. Collaborate provides the functionality needed to support the 21st century teaching environment. It facilitates a way for faculty and students to interact as if they were meeting face-to-face.

While Collaborate is not complicated to use, it requires some preparation on the part of the instructor (moderator) to be able to use it effectively. The following how-to guides will help you as the moderator to use Collaborate effectively.


Information for first-time users
System Requirements
Getting Started for Moderators
Blackboard Collaborate Launcher Utility
Use the V12.6 Configuration Room to test your computer configuration
Clear Java Cache (required)


Moderator Orientation Video [9:53]
Getting Started for Moderators Quick Guide
Participant Orientation Video [7:20]
Getting Started for Participants Quick Guide
Mobile Web Conferencing Orientation Video [2:50]


Create Session
Edit Session
Load PowerPoint Slides
Participant Setup/Orientation Sample PowerPoint Slides


Essentials for Moderators
Moderator's Guide
Accessibility Guide for Moderators
Join a Collaborate Session
Audio/Video Panel
Participants Panel
Chat Panel
Application Sharing
Web Tour
File Transfer (Deliver Files)
Breakout Rooms
Session Attendance


Record Session
View Recording
Link to Recording
Share Recording with Another Course/Organization


Invite Guests to Join Session
In-Session Invitations
Send Recorded Session to a Guest

Collaborate Plan (formerly Elluminate Plan)

General Information
Users Guide
Download Plan

Better Practices

Collaborate Live-Event Better Practices (PDF)
Managing Bandwidth in Web Conferencing Sessions
Managing Bandwidth when Application Sharing
Managing Session Video
Managing Session Audio
Prevent Echoing in Audio

Troubleshoot Problems

Common Issues encountered by web conferencing users

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